Reading is the key to success!

For most young people it enables them to understand information, solve problems and answer questions. At Mornington we teach reading skills in a variety of ways which enable our pupils to develop and apply themselves to a variety of situations, circumstances and curriculum demands and ultimately the wider context of the world. As the children become more confident we encourage them to utilise their skills within all areas of the curriculum.


The main focus of our curriculum is to secure a high level of skill for all pupils in the areas of spelling, grammar and punctuation which in turn supports high standards of writing in all areas of the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to use their skills to effectively communicate their understanding, thoughts and ideas. Provided below are the grammar expectations for each year group.

What does Reading look like at Mornington?

Phonics Policy

FS2 Grammar Glossary

Year One Glossary

Year Two Glossary

Year Three Glossary

Year Four Glossary

Year Five Glossary

Year Six Glossary

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