Year 5 & 6

It is expected that Year 5 and 6 children have developed their skills for independent learning and are eager to take responsibility for their learning, attitudes and behaviour. Year 6 are given the responsibility of Year 6 jobs which allow them the opportunity to practise their organisational skills. Examples of jobs include office helpers, milk and fruit monitors, lunchtime assistants and running the school tuckshop.

Age Related Expectations – Year 5 and Year 6

Year 5 Expectations

Year 6 Expectations

Band 5 Maths

Band 6 Maths

Band 5 English Writing

Band 6 English Writing

Band 5 English Reading

Band 6 English Reading

Band 5 Science

Band 6 Science


In July, Year 5 and 6 put on musical performance for parents. They work hard to produce a performance of high quality as a celebration of their effort and achievements throughout Mornington. Performances have included Mary Poppins, Bugsy, Barnum and many more.

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