Our governors pursue excellence on behalf of every Mornington child.”

The vision for Mornington Primary School is a school recognised as outstanding and fully inclusive, in which everyone:

  • Feels safe, valued, supported, happy, heard, inspired, passionate and proud of the school
  • Develops self confidence and pride
  • Always seeks improvement, development and progress in all aspects of the school
  • Has fun!

Staff Governors

Linda Azemia – Headteacher.

Joy Hill – 24/09/22 – Trips, Visits, Residentials & Enrichment.

Parent Governors

Amreem Aslam – 01/11/22 – SEN, Safeguarding & Collective Worship.

Marie Beecroft – 09/07/22 – Curriculum & Appraisal.

Julie Wain – 09/07/22 – Finance, Pupil Premium & Sport Premium.

Community Governors

Justin Renn – 21/01/23 – Chair, HR, Appraisal, Training & School improvement.

Patrick O’Neill – 30/11/22 – Vice Chair, HR, Appraisal, Data, Standards & Progress.

Deborah Wood – 30/11/22 – Curriculum & Looked After Children.

Cllr Jill Owen – 30/11/22 – Behaviour.

Philip Owen – 25/02/22 – School Council, Eco Council & Attendance.

Natalie Sisson

Sharioz Ahmed

The Governing Body plays a valuable part in ensuring that ALL Mornington pupils receive the very best education. We;

  • Support in achieving the VERY best for the pupils
  • Promote the interests of school in the wider community
  • Work with the Headteacher to ensure that teaching is effective and of a high quality
  • Challenge and support the expectations of the Headteacher and staff
  • Ensure the quality of service to families
  • Monitor the school and Governing Body performance
  • Determine membership to the governing body
  • Ensure standards of Health and Safety are adhered to and regularly reviewed
  • Be aware of national initiatives and expectations

Justin Renn is our Chair of Governors. He can be contacted by using the office e-mail address.

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The Register of business interests is complete for all governors and is monitored by the auditors. The attendance record for governing board meetings is recorded and available upon request.

The Finance Committee are responsible for ensuring that the school achieves best value for all Mornington pupils and that the Budget is spent to enhance learning and enrich the experiences of the children. Close monitoring is executed and the schools maintains a healthy budget. If you require further information regarding the use of funds by the school please call in to the school office.

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