Parents Evenings

We hold a Parents’ Evening during the Autumn term and Spring term. This provides an opportunity for parents to see and discuss their child’s work with the class teacher. Information will be shared about how their child is progressing and how they can support that progress during the year.

If a family requires greater support in any way we use Structured Conversations (Achievement for All) to ensure that a full exploration of the situation is made and that school works with parents to set targets and actions to impact change and improvements for the child.

Children with SEN are also invited to attend a Multi-Agency Review meeting to explore the progress of their child alongside the range of professional s involved with their child.


A formal written school report is issued in July of each year which includes information concerning progress, attainment and attendance. Children in Year 6 and Year 2 will also receive information regarding their performance in the end of Key Stage tests. Children in Year 1 will receive a short report about their performance in the Y1 Phonics Screening tests. This includes guidance for parents of how to support them in the coming months.

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