Year 1 & 2

Year 1 & 2 Topic Overview

We aim to provide a smooth transition between Foundation and Year 1. Children are encouraged to learn through quality play. As the year progresses they are introduced to a more structured approach. Year 2 work together more as a class as well as in groups. In all year groups children are encouraged to question and consider points of views. Independence is promoted through the development of personal skills. English and Maths are taught daily and lessons are adapted and matched to meet the needs of the pupils.

Age Related Expectations – Year 1 and Year 2

Year 1 Expectations

Year 2 Expectations

Band 1 Maths

Band 2 Maths

Band 1 English Writing

Band 2 English Writing

Band 1 English Reading

Band 2 English Reading

Band 1 Science

Band 2 Science


Phonics is also taught daily and children are grouped according to their competence level and experiences in order to maximise their learning opportunities. All children in Year 1 complete the Y1 Phonics Screening in June. The creative curriculum is a skills based curriculum which draws together the subject areas under a central theme. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions about their learning which combine with those of the teacher to drive the direction of learning whilst developing and emphasising skills.

Regular communication between home and school is via the School Planner which also includes homework and reading activities. Parents are encouraged to support a range of activities in school from reading to trips to sharing their specialist knowledge with the pupils or leading activities in small groups such as sewing or art clubs.

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