Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils provides a quality framework and award within which schools and educational settings can develop, embed and enhance Pupil Voice and Participation strategies. It provides opportunities for children and young people to take responsibility for their own education and behaviour.

To achieve the award, work is focused across five main areas. These areas are:

  • learning
  • behaviour
  • attendance (including punctuality)
  • classroom management
  • induction

Investors in Pupils builds on good practice and allows everyone to be involved in the development of the school. It allows pupils to develop knowledge of how a school runs and of how everyone contributes. It provides for pupil participation and adds to pupil voice, as well as allowing children to take on responsibilities.

Our Investors in Pupils reaccreditation took place in June 2017.

The assessor spoke to various groups of children and adults during the day. The groups ranged from Fs2 children to Y6 children, School Council representatives, teaching staff, support staff and parents and governors.

‘You were all extremely polite, friendly and very well behaved. You are obviously proud of your school and the work you are doing to make it an even better place for everyone. I am very grateful to the school council, the presentation team, my tour guides Charlie and Leila and all the other pupils who came to talk to me, for helping me to understand how your school works. Everyone I met had a lot to tell me and you all were very clear and confident.’ Assessor.

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